Wild Ones is an outlet for our homestead in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. We offer original and refurbished local art work, reused books, as well as our collections of Canadian nostalgic fashion, and rustic refurbishments.

Wild Ones grassroots are in the Kamloops Farmers Market. In 2015, Hannah used new and recycled fabric to create niche children’s items as a side hustle. As the demand for Wild Ones apparel grew, she began to seek wholesale manufacturing as is common for expansion of a small business. This search was exhaustive, and conclusive. The mainstream consumer model is entirely wrong, and there is a better way! There are amazing innovations for a greener fashion industry, and global retail market recently, but our conclusion after much research, was that the human lifestyle and consumer mindset needs some chiseling. People need to shop with intention, and reflect on needs vs wants. We are endeavoring to impact YOUR mindset and lifestyle. We offer fresh produce, plants, vintage collections including heritage items & household repurposing, and fashionable vintage wool & denim that suit a Canadian climate and lifestyle. 

Wild ones was in search of a sustainable manufacturing business model, and as it turns out there is no standard way to practice business sustainably. In Canada, and around the world there are business owners turning a new leaf and sprouting new ideas and sustainability practices. Now is a time for new ideas. People around the world know that the path of modern consumerism is no longer sustainable, and in fact, it never was.

The industries of yesterday were built by innovative people throughout history, who expanded on what they learned. Some learned through trial and error. They continually updated and remodeled their businesses to match modern technology, scientific research, sustainable practices, and demand. Still others though, have remained unchanged through time. And while those time tested tried and true methods of gainfully, sustaining and growing their operations have much to teach us. We must first remember that some of the most valuable lessons lie in the innovation that comes from resolving errors.

Industry standards are unsustainable for the exceedingly populated planet we all call home. Individual consumers, communities, governments, businesses and corporations, all have their part to uphold when it comes to stewardship of the planet. We all live here. We all need to enact a more meaningful and intentional lifestyle that will ensure the longevity of biodiversity on earth.

Here’s how the Wild Ones shop will work.

We will list items in each section of our shop seasonally, and occasionally individually. When they are sold we will leave the item listed as sold until our next big seasonal drop. If an item you want is unavailable to purchase, you can make a comment on the listing, and this will let us know that there is demand for a particular item or size. Alternatively we can be contacted through the contact us tab.

Be Kind. Be Well. Be Wild.


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