This is going to be a chatty post. I want to share why I created Wild Ones in the beginning, why I’ve ignited this blog now, why; the motivation and rhyme for my reason.

In the beginning I was looking for community, living in a new community again, and found the place that made me feel really passionate about my craft, as well as a beautiful community of like minded and also radically diverse souls at the Kamloops Farmers Market. I can honestly say I didn’t drag myself out of bed at 5:30am, to pack up my Jeep full to the roof, and to set up and take down every weekend for the money. Let me tell you it was a lot of work for someone with chronic inflammation and most days a baby in tow! I sometimes paid more for my spot in the market than I made in the 5 hours I sat out in the cold making small talk with strangers. I went for the people though. It made me feel GOOD. MADE ME BE PRESENT. It was something that ignited me to be passionate about something and gave me a platform to share in a long standing, sustainable, local, and earth friendly market. I made long lasting friendships, I got to interact with people in the community that I would otherwise never see. I heard what people were worried about and interested in. I heard all the hear say from all over the town and really learned about Kamloops and became rooted here.

It became important to me then back in 2015 and 2016 that I reinvent Wild Ones to serve people better, and to bring change to the way we are conditioned to be consumers who don’t question. To be a completely transparent business model, and to build something my family can be proud of.

Being the mama of three beautiful boys is surreal to me still. Even when I was a new mom to Odin, I would stare at him and just have so much gratitude in my heart that I would tear up. I AM NOT A CRYER. It’s very hard to make me shed a tear, and here I was tearing up just to look at my beautiful son. It blew my mind that such a gorgeous human could be mine.

I have since learned that our children aren’t really ours, we’re entrusted with them for such a short while to care for, and to curate, and we have so much influence over them, but it’s our responsibility ONLY, to empart on them everything they need to forge their own path successfully, and be there for guidance AND LOVE on the way.

When I first held Jameson and Odin on my lap together, I felt such pride and again those gratitude tears crept up, and spilled down my face. How could I be graced and entrusted with these two perfect souls.

Things that crossed my mind: “I don’t deserve them”. “Don’t fuck this up”. “They are everything and they deserve everything”.

Another son, this is where I’ve been caught up. I mean I feel like I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. How can I be the person on earth, for THREE perfect new humans, they’re all here in this world and my responsibility. I couldn’t be more fulfilled in the maternal department. Thoughts that crossed my mind that first month: “I only have two arms and three children”. “The children outnumber us now”. “I’m not enough”. “I was made for this”. “Be grateful”. “We need to move to a farm”.

My heart has expanded exponentially and sharing everything that makes me whole is how I want to give back, to balance the blessing of motherhood with my own mindful mumbo-jumbo.

A record; I have always endeavored to keep a journal. There’s something romantic and beautiful about a well kept Journal that really calls to me. Journaling serves as a record of your life, and it can be therapeutic. I have for years begun a journal only to leave it blank or rarely refer to it for “Lack of time”, although we all know by now that there is always time when we make space for what we value.

Being a millennial, child of the 90s raised in the prime of Saturday morning cartoons, I came up with Google in my pocket. It comes much more natural to me to create a post, somehow the words come to mind much more fluently. The experts have warned for years that the internet is changing the way our brains structure themselves and screen time is changing us in ways we have yet to fully understand. Well I’m here as proof that brick and mortar school in the 21st century Canada produces young adults fluent in Google and as generations who have come before, we too are a contrasting hue to any previous generations.

This is not to replace physical pen and paper journaling, but I’ve taken to painting a nature Journal with my oldest son instead, and perhaps there will be a place here for sharing that. I and have decided to redirect my passion for writing to a place where someone might get some kind of value out of it, here in the deep dark corners of the internet.

Full family Wellness is Wild Ones interest. We want everyone to have access to resources that empower families to make informed decisions about their lifestyles, and resources to make changes. Wild Ones will endeavor to become a space for a whole rounded family experience of wellness. Just give us time.

What is wellness? This isn’t something I will write too much about here as I have enough wellness on my heart to fill an entire section of this blog. In my childhood, late teens and early 20’s I experienced everything from unconventional and the most natural wellness solutions and the most typical, to neglected health conditions and consequences for not taking care of my chronic illness, as well as some shadow of doubt on the ability of Canadas health care to really focus on health at all. (one day I will talk more deeply on this).

Wellness is a whole body journey that is continual and requires maintenance, that requires you to love yourself a little more each day and to reach up and bring others up with you. To feel fulfilled in your every day actions and your body. To not search for what will make us happy but to simply experience happiness and gratitude in our daily routines whatever they may be.

My hope is that we can inspire families to go beyond the norm that we are conditioned, and influenced to believe, unquestionably. To break conformity and to do what is best for your individual health and the health of your family members. To go with your gut feelings and to expand your realm of knowledge. To research the facts given by doctors, professionals, and product marketing, and ask questions. Become informed about your body and how to be the best you. To inspire people to take not only a whole body approach to wellness but to look for realistic and sensible solutions that fit individual families. There is no one size fits all solutions and there is no set in stone path or easy way. Wake up and take responsibility for your health and wellness we have one body for our entire lives, treat it with Kindness.

Wild Ones want to inspire people of all ages spanning all around the world to love themselves and to feed their soulfire, and be present and passionate in their own world. We want to inspire community and to be the change we want to see in the world.

This is the thing about writing, it excites me, and ignites my passions. Wild Ones is a vehicle for change and we hope you follow along with us on this journey as we build a business we can be proud of and you can feel good about being a part of well into the future. Why? Because we want to forge a path for a better consumer model, a wild and more intimate way to walk through life, and share our family shenanigans along this bumpy journey.

Be Kind. Be Well. Be Wild.



  1. Such beautiful, well written words my friend! ♡ Your passion shines throughout this post & website you created!! You’ve brought together yourself in your brand harmoniously!! So proud of you, well done!!

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