“How can I give laughs”

So it’s BRIGHT and early in the Nobbs household this morning. My coffee has just been poured. There are warm sun rays peeking through the white laced curtains kissing my cold skin. And I’m ready to get into what’s relevant for us today.  Before I sat down to write I heard a comedian Michael Jr. talking about how his life changed for the better when he changed his perspective. He was already rich and famous, but making this change brought more value than money ever could. He adjusted the comedic point of view from “How can I get laughs”? to “How can I give laughs”? A simple shift in phrase makes all the difference. This caught my attention for a few reasons. Firstly I have been thinking about what I have to offer recently. What do I know or have that others could find value in? I want to add value to the lives of others, and not only in a physical in your closet kind of sense, or the tasteful kind that occurs on Tic Tok.

“How can I give laughs”?

Let’s get into what Wild Ones is all about. Getting immersed in the natural environment. We’re here to encourage YOU, and inspire YOU. We want to help everyone to feel empowered with knowledge. That sounds like a big broad idea right? But for us it’s not. We believe that everyone CAN make better choices for the environment, and for their own health. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that spending time in nature in any capacity will benefit your physical and mental health? CBC news reported in 2018, that “ an Ipsos poll asked 2,000 Canadians to report how often they traded urban comforts for a natural setting. Although nine out of 10 agreed they’re happier when surrounded by wilderness, three-quarters admitted they find staying inside easier.”

So how can I inspire you to go outdoors and experience nature from over here behind my computer screen? We want to share what we are doing, and to show you what other people around the world are doing to not only experience nature, but add value to their environments, and to move away from consumerism and be mindful and aware of their individual footprints on earth. We want to create a space where relevant useful information is plentiful, and help you feel empowered to seek out your own information that is trustworthy. Knowledge is power, and I believe there’s too much simply wrong information going around.

 If you have opinions I want to hear them, but I also want to know where you get your facts from, and if you’re particularly passionate about something I want to know what actions you have or will take to affect the change you believe in. We all need to stop here today, and hold that responsibility for what we affect in the world. If you’re telling me that Joe is a particularly grumpy neighbor, and he always frowns at you and that is taking up your energy today, I want to know why you think that Joe is just grumpy, and what happened to Joe to make him that way, and how you are affecting a positive change on Joe’s mood? Or alternatively, how are you affecting change on yourself to not let Joe’s frown get you stirred up? Do you see where I’m going with this? I really don’t want to hear about Joe at all unless it’s something you’re passionate about, because my time is valuable to me, and if you’re just here to tell me Joe is a grumpy dude and it bothers you and there’s nothing you’re doing about it, then it’s entirely not relevant to me, and I’ve got no ear in it. Am I being krass? You and I, we have a path we are on, and we need to keep our noses pointed down that path. Only give your energy to what is going to add value. Your time and energy are both valuable resources, what are you going to spend them on? If a car accident takes your life today, what kind of value are you leaving behind? A house full of things a loved one will have to piece through, meaningful memories? Did you make your passions known, share kindness with strangers, share your wisdom with someone who could use it, do your loved ones know you’re proud of them, and did you affect the change you wanted to see in the world? 

We have been on this long journey with the Wild Ones and our endeavouring idea to bring my designs for the Wilderness Collection to life. The big idea is to marry our love for the wild life, and a collection of skillfully crafted items that are relevant to an active lifestyle for all. We’re having a harder time than we thought finding a manufacturer who aligns with our values. Are we naive to believe in a fully canadian business from start to finnish without charging our families unreasonable prices? I don’t endeavour simply to sell pricey product, to the upper class society, but instead to help lead families from every walk of life into the wilderness together where they can share in the beauty of the natural environment. We aim to help make wilderness adventures an accessible, every day occurrence for kids and adults alike all over the world. This here is us being completely transparent with you all. It’s firstly important to us that the working conditions and wages for workers are appropriate at the supplier level. The second priority is environmental sustainability. We want to ensure that we are using renewable resources that are sourced ethically. And thirdly we would LOVE to manufacture and fully produce our product in Canada.

 We don’t believe in the average chains of custody, working conditions, wages, and environmental impact that have been the norm in the fashion and apparel industry. 

Did you know: Wicker, A.,(2020),

 “Eight to 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from the fashion industry, which is more than the aviation and maritime shipping industries combined.

The fashion industry produces and sells somewhere between 80 billion and 150 billion garments a year globally. 

Nearly three-fifths of all clothing produced ends up in incinerators or landfills within years of being made.”

 The biggest dilemma we have is in keeping our business CANADIAN, how much can we compromise before the vision is altered. We began searching for Canadian companies whos values align with ours. What we found is that (not all), but the majority of “proudly Canadian” companies don’t even manufacture here. They order from a variety of places, most commonly India, China, and Indonesia. Now, because the designs are Canadian, or they attach labeling within Canada, many companies would consider that Canadian enough. Drop shipping is becoming the norm, because it’s easier, requires little to no capital, and the customer can receive a product from your company within a couple days without the Canadian company ever even coming in contact with the item. Drop shipping completely eliminates the environmental impact of overstock, but really, the impact of shipping and transport routes when the items are shipped all over the place on the environment might outweigh the other? There is so much to consider, and weigh out. Having a low cost to the Wilderness line is an important part of our concept. We want to appeal to families, and we don’t believe getting out in all kinds of natural environments and weather conditions and being dressed adequately should be out of reach for anyone. 

To again quote Alden Wicker from his article called: 

Fashion has a  misinformation problem. 

That’s bad for the environment”.

 “There are unmissable clues everywhere that something is wrong, from poisonous rivers in Bangladesh and Indonesia to old clothing littering the shores of East Africa to microplastics in our drinking water. But as long as we have only garbage information, we’ll only get garbage action from brands and governments to fix the problem.

“Where are the technical papers? Where are the peer-reviewed journals? Where is the serious work?” says Dr. Linda Greer, a former senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council and now a senior global fellow at the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, a Chinese environmental NGO. “You couldn’t even get a master’s degree with this, not even close.” (Sick burn from someone with a PhD in toxicology.) “And here we are trying to run a whole industry’s environmental footprint reduction based on this kind of stuff. It’s kind of preposterous that people put up with it.” 

So this here blog, is intended for many things, and one of the intentions I want to make clear is the part where we keep it real. Families have rhythms they follow, intentionally or not. Our family has certainly fallen into all kinds of rhythms both desirable and undesirable, and I want you, our readers and listeners to know that whatever you read or hear, here is intended to bring joy and fulfilment, and intention to YOU. We won’t be sharing things that will embarrass our children in future years, or about the experiences we have that really have no value, but I want you to know we are a real family. We have arguments, we sin, we fart, we aren’t financially well off, our home isn’t tidy, or even clean some days, because we’re spending quality time. And I’m here to tell you WE ARE PERFECT. God made us, just as he made each individual being on earth for a purpose. Our family circumstances are perfect for us. And we want you to feel like you’re perfect too, because you are. Your family is a perfect representation of where you are now in this moment, as god intended. That’s not to say that there isn’t room for improvement, or that the path you are on is taking you where you need to be.  If you are reading or listening along, and you love the antics but you can’t relate, I encourage you to stick with us. This zone we’re living in is a judgement free one. Whatever your strengths, your sins, your level of engagement, I know that you are meant for great things, and I want this to be a space where people of all walks of life can have a take away, and find some inspiration. 

We’re all individuals, and there is no reason to envy or judge each other, this is a reason to celebrate. There is a song that keeps coming up suggested on my spotify playlist, Everyone Is Different by Lenny Sherwin. ”It’s the differences between us that make life interesting”. In a podcast I was listening to Sunday morning, Dave Fields talked about the power of song as prayer. How singing with an intention of gratitude opens our hearts. He even says that we are commanded to sing in prayer. That song came back to me when I was listening to Dave. Now before some of you exit the conversation here, I want to say that if your beliefs are different than mine you don’t have to tune out. There is value in seeing the world in another perspective. As a white christian woman with blonde hair and blue eyes I don’t need to be labeled a Karen. Like really, I get it. Does anyone think the Karen’s of the world deserve a break?

 Recently I’ve been wallowing in the vibe that being a white person inherently labels me as privileged and that the color of my skin means I need to DO something. Like the state of the world’s racial problems requires all white people to either shut up or advocate for racial injustice issues. I don’t know what the right thing is here, because the thing is, that I’ve never walked in anyone else’s shoes. I only know the hardships and pleasures that I have experienced in my lifetime. I can’t possibly begin to imagine the heartache that rests on some people due to their heritage. I only know my own heartache tied to my own heritage. I have had devastating hardships in my lifetime that were hard for me but others might consider those hardships minor in comparison. And I’m certain that I’m not the only white human being who feels that their own story should stay silent, because It’s not the right time, or we seem ungrateful for our “privilege”, we might be adding to the hardship of someone whose perspective is differing. The worst is the other Karens out there being mad at the Karens for being Karens. That’s the climate of the world right now. “Black lives matter” vs “All lives matter”. All lives do matter, but their movement on this day in history needs the spotlight, so that they can share their message and achieve true equality for their people. I can absolutely get behind that. I will say though, that my intention in speaking to this today is in part, to break the ice a little for all us white bitches whose voice right now seems to be tainted and irrelevant. Certainly not though, as irrelevant as every single black and colored person felt during their oppression and suppression. Maybe it’s how they still feel today in the conference room when they raise their hand. 

I care. I have sons with three different colors of skin who came from the same two parents. I want equality for everyone, and if I offend you take it up with me and the big guy up stairs, don’t wallow in it. This is the first time in history where people have had so much online access to each other. We see more diversity now online than any of us could ever have imagined without the internet, but it’s a no good representation. It’s skewing our sense of community and our empathetic natures. And it’s where the Karens are hiding out.  Let’s use the internet as a place to share what each of us have to give. Not to ridicule or troll each other, but instead to understand each other better, to gain knowledge of other cultures, to become a society who lifts each other up, and who shares kindness without passing judgement of the trespasses of others, because we’re all perfect, and we’re all sinners.

I really value the perspectives I’ve gained by seeking out diversity. I have to be transparent here, I grew up in a town where the only black kids I even knew were adopted from Hati into white families through church missions trips. I grew up singing songs in school like “Do they know it’s Christmas”… If you know the song, I hope I don’t have to explain the blatant racism. I myself only noticed it when I was humming the song at Christmas about to teach it to my son, when I stopped myself and had a slight epiphany. I was entirely sheltered from the true nature of the world. In university and college, I was so fortunate to move alone to a small town, and study in programs that focused on diversity and challenging the normal narrative. I remember attending a party with a good friend who neglected to tell me ahead of time was at a house FULL of young nigerian men who were studying at the same university. There were three white faces, myself, my friend and another young white girl I’d never met. I recall being entirely mesmerized by the experience, the smell of their food, the huge bright smile on EVERYONE’S face. Their body language, their hair, their silky looking dark brown skin. I had another epiphany then, that I had never been a minority before.

At this time in my life I met my dear loving husband and shortly after I married into a biracial relationship without knowing what I was getting into culture wise. There’s no one else I would choose to do life with, but I was naive to think that it would be smooth sailing. 

 Early on, I learned how to source real facts and decipher what is an appropriate source, vs. what is unreliable, or irrelevant. One class I took at College of the Rockies was, I believe called Families. The focus was on teaching new social workers about compassion for families in all walks of life, centered around the specific diversities we most commonly see in B.C., Canada. The biggest take away I had was a renewed empathy and compassion for helping families, and individuals, and really trying to invoke compassion and empathy in the greater communities I am a part of.

 It’s been weighing on me, the complacency, the disenchantment of EVERYONE I come in contact with. Even within myself and my family. Before Covid-19 the world was, in my view, merely sleep walking through time, on a collision course. Time is valuable. Less of the population was following any kind of faith than ever before. People are spending their time in front of screens so mindlessly. Fixation on celebrities and targeted sponsored news is just mindless. People are so interested in the headlines that they’re missing the punch. The big Picture. The changes happening not under our noses but instead right in front of our eyes are so big and bold and unthinkable that we’re missing them, because we’re squinting. We’re not opening our eyes to anything but what’s comfortable. I don’t mean everyone and I’m only speaking vaguely about society as a whole. The older I get, the more my fathers voice rings in my ear, that the people are sheep. “They’re just sheep the whole lot”, he would babble. This metaphor is one that I’ve been pondering my whole life. I didn’t want to become a sheep after all. 

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Wicker A. (2020). Fashion has a misinformation problem. That’s bad for the environment. Retrieved from: https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2020/1/27/21080107/fashion-environment-facts-statistics-impact

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