About Us

Local to Kamloops, B.C. I am a mama to a little boy sewing all this stuff from home!!! I take custom Orders, and do lots more then is listed!

Good Morning Wild Ones! So as I’m sure most of you know I have been taking a break from Wild Ones to be with my family and get our life in order as we just bought our first home, I’m in school, AND taking care of some darling littles. Needless to say something had to be put on hold, but I’m ready to get back into it for the upcoming spring season!

For those of you who have been messaging me I’m sorry if I haven’t replied or gotten back fast enough. I will need to do some fabric restocking soon, but in the meantime I am going to post a quick sale of the items I already have ready to go to their new homes in an attempt to clear out our inventory so I can start working on new stuff for spring!

Our website is resting right now but we are working on getting it back up to make it easier to shop online. In the meantime I will be posting pictures of items with size listed, and the first person to comment can Etransfer or pm to hold the item until I can ship it( 2 business days) or you can pick up!

Watch for the sale items as most of them are going to be discontinued as we start a new and improved line of custom clothing! Thanks for all your love and support

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